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About Us Children's Character building books

Trusted Children’s Book Publication Company

Well-loved by children and parents alike, works published by Mighty Way Books in Somerset, NJ promote critical thinking and creativity in children ages 8-13. If you’re looking for interesting starting points for book club discussions, our books are perfect for you, too. Choose from our wide selection and give your child a fun reading experience.

Mabel Singletary, Author

Renowned young adult fiction writer Mabel Singletary is the person behind the celebrated Double Dutch Club Series. With the goal of offering children in their adolescent stages the guidance they need in traversing social growth, Mabel incorporates valuable life lessons into her literary characters’ thrilling adventures.

Our publication company’s main goal is to provide encouraging and inspirational books that nurture children’s intellectual, emotional, and psychological growth. Our books also tackle different social topics that are vital to their social development. These topics include friendship, trust, respect, bullying, and courage.

Let your child join our literary characters in their fun and exciting adventures. If you have inquiries about our reading selections, don’t hesitate to contact us today.​

"The place where you will find encouraging books for children 8-13."

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